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      WHO WE ARE

      The FAIR Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, conceived to create safer, stronger, more resilient communities by educating consumers on the risks of water, wind and other natural disasters, promoting wind and flood mitigation and reducing uninsured risk. We work tirelessly with our team of corporate and individual sponsors to protect property owners from avoidable losses before, during and after catastrophic events.


      WHAT WE DO

      The FAIR Foundation educates and empowers consumers, promotes wind and flood mitigation and reduces uninsured risk. We enable and promote practical solutions and protections by bringing consumers together with the best and brightest in industry and academia. Our mission is accomplished through educational conferences and seminars, public and private partnerships, multimedia campaigns and public advocacy.


      WHY WE DO IT

      The FAIR Foundation is based in Florida. We understand the risks. With an economy fueled by real estate and tourism, Florida’s citizens, businesses, communities and economy face critical threats to resiliency in the wake of natural disasters. We are dedicated to protecting property owners from avoidable risks and keeping our economy resilient. Proactively addressing issues critical to property owners and preparing in advance for catastrophic events provides greater protection and security for families, businesses and the economy as a whole. And Florida is just the beginning.

      How FAIR and the FAIR Foundation Work for You

      We Welcome Your Support

      Your tax-deductible donation helps the FAIR Foundation achieve its mission of creating safer, stronger and more resilient communities in Florida and beyond – through educating and empowering consumers, promoting wind and flood mitigation projects and reducing uninsured risk. Education. Mitigation. Protection. Join our work!

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