Mission Statement


      Mission Statement

      Mission Statement

      Our mission is to create safer, stronger, more resilient communities by educating and empowering consumers, promoting wind, earthquake and flood mitigation, and reducing uninsured risk.


      Florida is a fast-growing regional center for insurance companies specializing in catastrophic risk. Their success relies on an educated work force for their future staffing needs. The Foundation will work with Florida universities to establish at least two undergraduate/graduate programs in Risk Management and Insurance to provide the talent this industry will need to prosper.

      Resiliency Through Mitigation

      Affordable insurance can only result from reduced risk. The Foundation will work through public and private programs to harden homes and businesses against wind and flood risk and increase energy efficiency with particular emphasis on helping seniors. Post catastrophe community viability is at stake as is health and safety of Floridians.

      Insuring Uninsured Risk

      Florida’s vulnerability to storm surge events is immense. Yet less than half of vulnerable properties are covered by flood insurance. The Foundation is working to promote affordable private flood insurance options to properly insure these properties.

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